300, 30, 3 (In Process)

Editorial, Print


An informative book 300,30,3 captures the various types of data I burned in 300 blank CDs over 3 years. The idea of recapturing and bringing the digital data to a tangible form started in search of my own room. I found over 300 burned CDs that was stored and buried in my closet. It brought back to me the memory how I used to collect digital files, including music, novels, pictures, videos, in CDs like an archive to promise to come back and reuse those resources. Six years have passed and my digital archive was buried with memories. It was very interesting that CDs has become analogue in 2013, since people store files in portable hard drive and web hard drive. I really wanted to emphasize the fact of CD being analogue by using papers. Each color of the papers represents the types of the data I have and each paper represents 50 megabytes. I used clean white paper as the representation of unused empty space, which we always gets when burn black CDs. I also included the date of the CD was burned and descriptions of CD, in form of a journal, so that I can really personalize the book as archive form.